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Szumisie – teddy bears that make it easier to fall asleep

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Who is the customer?

The Szumisie company is a Polish brand, established in 2015, producing plush toys for babies and toddlers. Their products have gained a reputation in more than twenty countries around the world, having helped hundreds of thousands of parents normalise their children's
sleep with their revolutionary, research-based approach.

Following its success, in 2017 the brand picked up the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year award in the New Business category, and also made it to the list of the 100 Innovators of Central and Eastern Europe.

The company is continually developing its product portfolio and expanding into more foreign markets.

The challenge we faced

When the founder approached us, she only had a concept in her head regarding the tasks the device was to perform, she needed to turn it into a real product. At Inquel, we saw the potential in the idea and took on the development of a specialised electronic module, which was to be characterised above all by reliability in operation, the possibility of series production and, ultimately, the option of developing the product with new functionalities. The Whisbear was intended to help parents get their children to sleep by introducing more regularity to sleep. In addition, the quality of the components used had to be high to make the product safe for children.

Introduced solutions

We dealt entirely with the technical aspects of the electronics in the product, including the creation of a prototype or subsequent series production. In summary, thanks to our competence:

  • We have prepared a new design of the device to suit the size of the plushies.
  • We have created the “heart” of the Whisbears (Szumisie), which is an electronic system that generates sounds and monitors a child's sleep
  • We have added new noises to the device
  • We supported the design process with our knowledge and experience in terms of industrial design
  • We engaged in the mass production of the Whisbears electronic circuits, which continues to this day
  • We manage the production process of the device and, when necessary, optimise the electronic circuits for new ideas of the creator

We developed a mobile application to control the device and communicate


Thanks to the partnership with Inquel, Szumisie were able to launch new, innovative products that have been met with great interest from customers around the world. The number of copies sold for 2023 has definitely exceeded one million copies.


The electronic modules supplied by our company were a key element in making the Whisbears (Szumisie) a success.

The product already helps to put more than one million children to sleep on a daily basis, with distribution in many European and North American countries. The product even reaches tens of thousands of sales per month!
The sales success has allowed Szumisie to collect many awards – both Polish and international. The device with our module laid the foundations for the company's current achievements, while at the same time allowing us to build mutual trust, so that the cooperation between Inquel and Szumisie continues.