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Cement sales monitoring system

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Who is the customer?

Schenck Process is the global market leader in measurement technology. They develop innovative solutions for weighing, dosing, process transport, screening, automation and air filtration. They focus on customers' needs and support them throughout the product life cycle.

The challenge we faced

The task was to create a complete system for the Lafarge cement plant to supervise cement sales and vehicle monitoring from the moment the order is placed to the departure of the loaded vehicle from the cement plant in order to optimise the process. The challenge has been to integrate the system with current programmes, and to develop a mechanism that is resilient to cement plant conditions.

Introduced solutions

We provided programming solutions, design and production of the electronic and digital modules of the system. The specialised measuring apparatus, industrial automation and necessary equipment were supplied by Schenck Process.


The process of driving vehicles around the site has been significantly streamlined, and the processes involved in selling and loading goods have also been improved, minimising errors in the release of goods. Our comprehensive system guides and supports the cement plant customer, right from the moment they arrive at the sales office. Contactless cards have become a huge convenience, streamlining the whole ordering process and reducing it to a
few steps:

1. Recording the details of the order and communicating them to the cement works customer
2. Allowing access to the site
3. Reading stored data on terminals placed on e.g. forklift trucks
4. Completion and loading of ordered materials
5. Weighing of the loaded vehicle on the basis of the value resulting from the list of ordered products
6. Issuing of documents for the issuing of CI
7. Allowing exit from the site
8. Stopping the card by the terminal and closing the sales transaction


Thanks to the resulting system, the entire process has been optimised, we have reduced handling times, automated the order process and guide the customer from the moment the order is placed until the loaded vehicle leaves the cement plant.