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System for monitoring and dispensing liquids

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Who is the customer?

Arccan Motors Group is a company dedicated to fluid metering monitoring systems. These systems simplify many fuel and fluid processes for companies using fleets of cars and other equipment. They keep every driver accountable for the fuel they fill up with. This avoids unnecessary cash settlements, dozens of invoices and errors due to oversights. A company with many years of experience, with certificates proving the quality of their system.

The challenge we faced

The problem we faced was setting up an automated system to control and authorise the dispensing of fuels, oils and automotive fluids, in order to resolve oversights that may have occurred previously, to negate the possibility of unauthorised taking of fuel by employees and the need to fill in more paperwork.

Introduced solutions

We have developed our proprietary system, whereby each withdrawal of fuel or automotive fluids is authorised by an employee with a contactless card or Dallas lozenge, and authorisation in the system enables the withdrawal of fuel or the chosen automotive fluid. With the system, we are able to carry out full analysis and reporting of fuel intakes, remotely monitor and manage tanks and have all fuel data in one place, accessible from any device.


Our system:

  • Provides continuous monitoring of fuel and fluid stocks
  • Allows individual daily limits to be set
  • Each station is self-contained and can operate without a permanent internet connection
  • Allows extensive reporting and export of data in virtually all formats
  • Gives access to all events in the system, such as the number of refuellings, their time or size

Data is uploaded directly to the cloud, allowing you to automatically upload data from different points to a server or access it from anywhere


The Monitoring System is offered in four versions, which are constantly evolving in response to market demand and developments in technical capabilities. Our system serves, among others, the Warsaw MZA, mines, garages (DAF, Porsche, Audi, among others), and has even been installed on a barge sailing on the Vistula to collect fluids on the water. Our technology has not only solved the client's business needs, but has also improved and accelerated all the processes involved in the system, so that activities such as refuelling take less time and the documentation needed to date has been significantly reduced.