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Clock system for Malaysian mosques

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Who is the customer?

Minute and Second Industries is a Malaysian company established in 1996, operating in the clock industry. The company is involved in broadly understood projects related to the production of time-measuring tools – from the construction of clock towers to the creation of complex measurement systems.

The challenge we faced

The client entrusted us with the implementation of an integrated system informing the faithful about upcoming prayers during the day.

For Muslims, regular prayer times in accordance with the teachings of the Koran are one of the most important aspects of faith.

Salat, i.e. ritual prayer, is an obligation of every Muslim, it is recited five times a day – before sunrise, at noon, in the afternoon, after sunset and in the first half of the night.

The main challenge we faced was to synchronize the prayer times with the clocks, knowing that they change every day.

Their determination is influenced by such things as:

  • location of the mosque (geographic coordinates)
  • spatial orientation
  • moon phases
  • Imam’s individual opinion

Introduced solutions

The clock system created by Inquel works as follows:

  • Once a year, a prayer program for the entire year is uploaded to the system in each mosque
  • Every day, five clock dials (each dial denotes one of the five prayers) display prayer times for a given day, which are adapted to a specific mosque.


Thanks to our solution, performing religious ceremonies in Malaysia has become more convenient and, above all, synchronized so that regardless of the location of the mosque, the time of prayers is precisely defined, in accordance with the teachings of the Koran and the requirements of our client.


Cooperation with a company from Kuala Lumpur is an example of the fact that the most important thing in design, implementation and production is proper communication and execution of the task in line with the expectations of end users.

The created system solved one of the main problems of Muslims in this region of the world, related to punctuality in reciting prayers in accordance with the rules of Salat.

Our reliable approach to each of the implemented projects resulted in the fact that Minute And Second Industries, despite being located on a different continent, offered us cooperation, which we ended successfully together.

The solution has been used in as many as one hundred different mosques in Malaysia.