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System alerting about threats to schools

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Who is the customer?

JUNDES Industrieuhren und Anzeigesysteme GmbH, dealing with clocks and their mechanisms, and Ingo Zimmer, a watchmaker with many years of experience running his factory near Berlin. His plant produces clocks and LED displays.

The challenge we faced

The task was to create a system to warn children and young people in schools in Berlin and the surrounding area about terrorist attacks, to ensure their safety and enable a quick response if necessary.

Introduced solutions

  • We have introduced a system of notifying students via voice messages about what to do in emergency situations,
  • Messages are recorded and played automatically,
  • The system also notifies about danger using light signals,
  • Messages are played synchronously, but also independently. Even if some devices are damaged, it does not affect the smooth operation of the entire system.


Our system was introduced in 400 schools around Berlin (Brandenburg), thus significantly increasing the safety of children and teenagers in these institutions. We hope it will be used as little as possible.


When it comes to children’s safety, everything must work perfectly. We have created a system that works regardless of the failure of its individual components. It warns children when necessary with voice and light messages, significantly improving schools’ response to crisis situations.