Customer counting system

Customers come and go, and stores want to have detailed information about the number of visitors. RTV EURO AGD has established cooperation with us precisely to find a solution to automate the counting of customers in real-time.

Ordering client: RTV Euro AGD

Final client: RTV Euro AGD


Project objectives

The company's management needed precise information about the number of customers visiting the stores. There were solutions available on the market that counted the number of people entering the store. However, they were limited to displaying the number of customers on the screen, which the store manager sent to the head office at the end of the day.
RTV EURO AGD needed a system that counted the customers and automatically reported their number in real-time.


We solved this problem with a system that:

Enables daily functional analysis of the sales network.

Records all events and collects information about them.

Enables central management



RTV EURO AGD commissioned us to install the system in other stores of its chain.
Our innovative solution has already been used by a number of clients, inluding:
The CeDARet system became a hit on the retail market, allowing us to establish cooperation with Ipsos Retail Performance, which we represented in Poland. Together we proposed solutions concerning the consumer experience path.

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