Warning system for schools

When it comes to children's safety, everything must work flawlessly. That is why we have created a comprehensive system alerting about terrorist threats for school children in the Berlin area.

Ordering client: Uhrmachermeister Ingo Zimmer / JUNDES Industrieuhren und Anzeigesysteme GmbH

Final client: 400 schools near Berlin (Brandenburg)


Project objectives

At the request of Uhrmachermeister Ingo Zimmer, we have participated in the preparation of a warning system alerting about terrorist threats for pupils in the schools of Berlin and the surrounding areas.


Capabilities of our solution:

The system notifies the pupils with a voice message explaining what to do

Messages are pre-recorded and played back automatically

The system also uses light signals to warn against danger

Messages are played back synchronously, but also in isolation. Even if some devices are destroyed, this does not affect the smooth operation of the entire system.

The main challenge was to coordinate the messages appropriately so that the sound waves did not overlap. The system in one school consisted of several or even dozens of devices sending signals to students, which increased its effective range.

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