Clock system for Malaysian mosques

Maintaining the appropriate time for prayer is for Muslims one of the most important aspects of Salat ? the ritual act of worship that is observed five times a day. Its purpose is to obtain the blessing of Allah. Thanks to a clock system that indicates the time of prayer recitation, no believer will forget to perform their religious duties.

Ordering client: Minute and Second Industries Kuala Lumpur

Final client: 100 mosques in Malaysia


Project objectives

Kuala Lumpur is an excellent example which proves that high quality is the most important factor in design, implementation, and production.
Although Minute And Second Industries is located on a different continent, thousands of kilometers from Warsaw, the high quality of our services has brought the company to our door with a cooperation offer.
The first order was to prepare a system of clocks indicating the time of five prayers each day in Malaysian mosques.


Our clock system works as follows:

Once a year, a prayer program for the whole year is uploaded into the system in each mosque.

Every day, five dials (each dial represents one of the five prayers) display prayer times for a particular day, specific to a particular mosque

The main difficulty was the time of the five prayers (Salat), which changes every day. Its determination is based on the location of the mosque (geographical coordinates), its orientation, the phases of the moon and the individual opinion of the imam. Thanks to our solution, fulfilling religious obligations in Malaysia has become more convenient.

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