myHummy - plush toys that help babies fall asleep

myHummy became a real sales hit. New projects and new versions of myHummy bears are constantly being created. Who would have thought that a simple hairdryer could have been the source of inspiration?

Client: Szumisie



The idea for the product was brilliantly simple ? it involved creating a soft and sweet plush toy that emits sounds that help babies fall asleep.

The creator of myHummy bears asked us if we could modify the already existing white noise emitting device to improve its efficiency.


We became a part of a project that charmed thousands of Polish mums. However, our cooperation was not limited merely to the modification of the toy:

We have prepared a new design of the device.

We have created the heart of myHummy which generates sounds, monitors the baby's sleep and can be controlled by a mobile app.

We added new sounds to the device.

We have contacted the creator with Egro Design, a company specializing in utility design.

We have created a product prepared for mass production and mass use.

We manage the process of myHummy's heart production - electronics.



Sale of more than 800 thousand toys

Sales in several European countries and the USA

Plans to enter new markets

Further work on new versions of the myHummy bear

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